Rana y Salto is a Mexican company dedicated to the production and commercialization of the Bull Frog (Lithobates catesbeianus) and the Leopard Frog (Lithobates berlandieri). Our priority is the care of the species in confined areas where we develop our four fundamental pillars which are the 1. controlled reproduction of the species,2. the balanced diet, 3. genetics and one of the most difficult and key to the production system, 4. the management of the species. In this last one mentioned is where we pay the most attention due to the fact that the frog is a predatory and carnivorous species, attacking the same species by natural instinct to obtain its food. With these four fundamental pillars we have achieved one more, where every company puts its administration and control, “the market”.

Rana y Salto has managed to reach national and international commercial agreements where we make commercial partners to distributors of the bullfrog almost all over the country, in order to comply with the agreements with our final customers. Offering different services and products for greater satisfaction to our commercial customers and producers.

That is why Rana and Salto since its founding in 2015 has sought the highest technologies and innovations in order to satisfy our suppliers and customers. As the hiring of the best technical profiles for the proper development of our production and according to our services give the best in the courses, training and implementation of productive projects and the preparation of technical studies and permits to SEMARNAT and government agencies.