Dear Bull Frog Producers: In order to offer a high quality product to the final consumers of frog meat or live frogs and also to ensure a dignified, ethical and responsible treatment of the animals, we share the policies of the company Rana y Salto SPR de RL de CV to be able to sell their specimens.

1.- The animals have to be in perfect health. Animals that are injured or that have internal health problems are not received.

2.- The specimens will have a minimum duration of 24 hours without food before being packed and taken to the company’s collection center. The technician of the company will be the one who takes two random samples in front of the producer to guarantee that the animals come dieted. Penalty 10% total tared value.

3.- The animals will be delivered with their respective invoice, transfer guide, harvest notice and SEMARNAT permit on the day of shipment. We will not buy animals that do not have any of the 4 documents mentioned above.

4.- Animals that arrive dead will not be paid for and also if the technician detects some anomaly like stress or with high temperature, He or She will be who determines if they will be bought or not.

5.- The only place of specimen delivery will be in the collection center of El Tecolote Ranch located in Jesús María, Jalisco, Mexico. The company as of January 2018 will not collect any more animals.

6.- The animals will have to be moved from the farm to the collection center at temperatures ranging from 4 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius. To achieve this an insulated box will have to be used. It is important that during the journey the animals do not get wet, as water causes the animals to increase their temperature and makes it more difficult to control them.

7.- The specimens have to be moved in a sack (preferably white woven sacks) with at least 100 holes made with a hole puncher or some other tool that perforates correctly without damaging the sack. This on both sides of the sack (50 and 50).

8.- The sack will have to be tied with several straw yarn loops to guarantee that the animals do not come out of the sack during the shipping. Being that animals that come out of the sack during the shipping will not be paid for. The number of frogs per sack is as follows. Frogs around 4 to 5 inches 20 of them can be placed per sack. Frogs around 5 to 6 or more inches only 15 of them can be placed per sack. We do not accept sackcloth sacks. The frogs that arrive in sackcloth sacks these sacks will be replaced in the storage center by white woven sacks with a cost of 8 pesos per sack. Old sacks can be used as long as they are clean.

9.- Once the frogs are placed in the sack and it´s well tied, it will have to be placed in a box used for avocado shipping, no labels should be placed on the box. Check that the boxes fit well with each other. These can be used boxes as long as they´re clean. Let’s avoid setbacks and check your boxes perfectly well.

10.- The boxes must be of only one size and style, in case of having different boxes these will be exchanged for adequate ones with a cost of 8 pesos per box which will be paid by the producer.

11.- The date of boarding will be programmed by the the company´s technician, as well as the time, you are requested to contact him to review in detail of this matter. There will have a maximum tolerance of 3 hours for the arrival at the farm, once the arrival time has been agreed up on. There will be a fine of 2% after the 3 hour tolerance.

12.- Only frogs of the sizes agreed by the company´s technician will be received. Failure to comply with this point will result in a sanction of 10% of the total value of their shipment or frogs that do not meet the agreed sizes will not be paid for. Please avoid sending at all costs frogs that do not meet the agreed sizes. It is recommended to measure frog by frog.

13.- The agreed amount with the technician in weight and number of specimens must delivered, there will be a tolerance of 10% less or more based on what was agreed. If this point is not met, there will be a 10% sanction.

14.- The animals will be weighed in their sacks and boxes, breaking down the tare at the end inside the company’s collection center´s scale or the producer’s.

15.- Payment will be made within 15 business days of the shipment date. If a document needs to be signed, please take it along.

16.- All payments will be made with electronic transfer to the accounts of the person who invoiced.

17.- Negotiations will conducted directly with the producer and not with third parties, unless it is authorized by the producer.

18.- The price is paid between 85 pesos and 93 Mexican pesos, this will depend on the sizes and quantities to be delivered. Whatever the price is to be paid it will always include the sack, box, freight and travel expenses from your farm to the company’s collection center.

19.- One of the causes of the company not meet the payment times is to breach any point of these. No more than 45 business days.


Once you agree with the policies of the company and decide to sell your product to this company, please print these policies and fill in the following spaces and at the end of the file you will have to sign it and send it to the following email or direcció If it is complicated, you can print it, take it and it will be signed on the day of shipment.